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US Hapkido Han Moo Kwan Association
Master <br />Crystal Ahmed

Crystal Ahmed


President Dr. Ibraham Ahmed
Grand Master
10th Degree Black Belt
President World Martial Arts College
Vice President Michigan Tae Kwon Do Association
International Master Instructor
World Certified Referee
Over 50 years in Martial Arts
Black Belt holder in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Judo

2016 Leadership Award Winner Trace Megellas

By GM Dr. Ibraham Ahmed • September 13, 2015

The World Martial Arts College is pleased to announce it’s recipient of the 2016 Leadership Award to amazing leader -instructor Trace Megellas.

He has done more in a his youth than most other’s have done in a life time. He is a dedicated practitioner of martial arts and a true leader! He will be awarded this honor at the 2016 Ultimate Warriors Championship October 22, in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

About Trace

trace-megellasTrace Megellas – Founder of Team TFORCEELITE

Highlights: • Creation of TForceElite Team • 24 time Creative and Extreme Weapon and Open Hand World Champion in four leagues (ATA, NBL, BASKA/The League and USKA) • Competed Nationally and Internationally (United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Guatemala and Peru) • 2011 & 2012 ESPN Martial Arts Invitational Tournament Creative Weapon overall Champion– Televised World Wide • Good Morning America Interview – 2 times • Preformed at American Airlines Sky Ball with 3,000 in attendance twice for the US Marines and the US Army • Numerous Martial Art magazine and Star Telegram Newspaper stories and bios • Named The League Martial Artist of The Year • Certified Martial Arts Instructor

Teaching: • Weekly private lessons taught in my Dojo. Students from multiple schools and disciplines, rank level and age. No one is too young or too old if they want it…I will help! • Out of state private lessons available • Teach weekly at four different martial arts schools in Dallas Metroplex • Average of two Bo Staff/Open Hand seminars per month • Personal Weapon and Martial Arts Trainer for Miss Teen Texas Competitor • Instructed at over 100 martial arts schools worldwide

Training: • ATA Trained with Master Kevin Rose, Mr. Ken Goodman, Master Wes Boyer, Ms. Deedee Mathis, Mr. Sam Vigers, Mr. Ryan Sutherland, Ms. Mary Nero, Ms. Janette Zarate, Ms. Jessica Zahn, Mr. Zack Rogers, Ms. Christy Jackson, Mr. David Rodriguez, Mr. Richie Rodriguez • Open Circuit Trained with Mr. Nick Bateman, Mr. Steph Verschuren, Mr. Rory Bratter, Mr. Matt Mullins and Sideswipe, Mr. Jackson Spidell, Mr. Chris Brewster, , Ms. Lauren Kearney, Master Amy Seeling, Master Jang Lee, Master Dewey Sutton, Master Wayne Nguyen

Modeling: • Talent Agency – Cambell Agency. Barbara Blanchette (film), Diana Dyer (stills) 214 552-8991 • Numerous TV commercials for Hasbro and NERF, Music videos • Stills for JC Penney’s, Boy Scouts of America and Dillards • Movie roles in “One More Round” and other roles are in works!

TForceElite is composed of a group of sponsored martial artists looking to expand the visibility of today’s martial artists! Each member of the team is selected first by their character, discipline, humility and willingness to share their skills with other martial artists….then by their skill and success level. TForceElite members will always be polite, motivated, confident and well trained. Our youngest team member is 5 and our oldest is 32. We are a combination of color belts, state champions, world champions and school owners representing all levels of martial arts. The team has representation in North and South America. We compete because we love it…we will never turn down a tournament based on the league, who is competing or location.

“I am a person who has found what they love to do! Not just the competing part but the teaching and training of other martial artists. I want to be remembered not for how many tournaments I win, how many times I compete, how many titles I have but for being a person people respected, liked and emulated. And most of all I want to be remembered by the young, impressionable martial artists as setting a path for them to exceed what I have

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