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How Martial Arts Training Can Change Your Life For The Better

By Jess Walter • January 21, 2018

How Martial Arts Training Can Change Your Life For The Better

There’s no doubt that any form of exercise will benefit the body in many ways. But what if you can workout and at the same time, learn how to physically defend yourself, would you give it a try? Nowadays, more and more people are considering martial arts training as it helps achieve both goals. But apart from burning calories and learning to defend yourself, there are other important things you will learn from this type of training. So whatever your age is, whether you’re 8, 18, or 48 years old, martial arts training will be beneficial to you and here’s how:

Improved Mental Concentration

Martial arts training may look like it’s completely physical, but it really isn’t all about that. The mental aspect of this training program is just as equally important. It’s not just about making strong high kicks, it’s also knowing the right time to unleash a powerful kick. For those who are really stressed, the mental concentration from this type of training will feel like meditation and a way of releasing negative thoughts. Training can be done individually or as a group. If you want it to be personal, you can get a certified martial arts instructor. However, if you’re looking for some fun company, joining a martial arts workshop is a good place to start.

For older people, Tai Chi would be the best form of martial arts to try. It is low-impact and does not require any form of contact. Tai Chi is more of a mindfulness exercise, which is why it’s also referred to as “meditation in motion.” According to the Harvard Medical School, Tai Chi addresses key components of fitness, such as balance, muscle strength, and flexibility, which helps promote health and fitness among the elderly.

Keeps Emotions in Check

When emotions run high, it’s very hard to control it, especially if you’re being provoked. The harder it is to restrain yourself if you know how to fight. With martial arts training, you will learn the ability to control your emotions since the mind and emotions are always intertwined. One important thing to know is that martial arts fighters do not fight out of anger, they fight with their minds and let their skills do the rest. Keeping one’s emotions in check is a tough thing to learn, but through martial arts training, it is easier to find peace within oneself.

Stay Disciplined

Apart from all the things you will benefit from like increase stability, coordination, agility, flexibility, and strength, the most important thing you’ll have is discipline. Martial arts training revolves around discipline and every fighter should practice it every day. Moreover, this also means that martial arts trainees and fighters should also be disciplined when it comes to their health and lifestyle. For them, their human growth hormones, i.e. the (HGH) levels should be at an optimum at all times to ensure the best health and performance. Doing this requires tons of discipline.

Martial arts training encompasses the mind, body, and soul, which makes it a training program that you should really consider. It’s not about looking or feeling tough, it’s about all the things you will learn from it and the discipline you’ll live once you learn how to incorporate it n your daily life. So whether you want to try Kickboxing, Tai Chi, Mixed Martial Arts, Karate, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, Judo, or Muay Thai, do know that all your time and efforts will be worth it at the end.

written by Jess Walter

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