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By GM Dr. Ibraham Ahmed • August 18, 2014

praimMy name is David J Praim, I am a Martial Arts Karate instructor and coach with over 50 years of experience (for more information please visit Recently, I have come out of retirement to assist the United States Karate competitors in developing an international competition team for our country.

The interest in international competition for Karate has grown greatly worldwide as a sport, missing an Olympic induction by just two votes last year. Currently many other martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Wrestling, and Boxing are in the Olympics and Karate is soon to follow within a few years.

There is an estimated 100 million people worldwide training in the Martial Arts. In the United States alone the estimate is roughly 20 million participants. Unfortunately the USA competitors are just beginning to get involved with international competition. This has put them behind other countries. Within the last 24 months I have sought out world organizations that have shown growth and would potentially aid the United States in developing a competitive status on a national and international level. One of the handfuls of quality international organizations is the World Karate and Kickboxing Commission (WKC). Last year I had a student qualify for the world competition in Italy and this year I have one students for the WKC event in Dublin, Ireland.

I have students who train directly under me here in Detroit, MI as well as others who are now on the west coast. These dedicated individuals compete all over the country as they prepare to make the U.S. team. These athletes are self-funded and are motivated by their own passion. I am seeking sponsorship to not only assist these athletes in achieving their dream, but to breathe life into international competition for the United States and prepare our country for future Olympic competition. The potential team would not consist of just my students. I attend approximately 15+ martial art competitions and events a year in search of that special person, who has potential skills to be a champion.

The WKC World championships this year will be held in Dublin, Ireland on October 4 – 9. The cost to get a team of five members there would be approx. $12,000.00. That is an estimate of what I would need the first year. This cost would cover gear, uniforms and travel expenses, etc. With that said I am looking for a sponsor with a 4 year commitment. In return, we would proudly name our team in reference to your corporation, wear any team/corporate logos to all events that allow it and to be sure to show that your corporation supports the growth of sport karate within the United States as well as globally. Please feel free to contact me directly at (586)-739-7289. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you and representing you on the world’s stage.


David J Praim

Grand Master Instructor/Coach

11189 Rose Lane, Shelby Twp. MI. 48316

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