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Master <br />Crystal Ahmed

Crystal Ahmed


President Dr. Ibraham Ahmed
Grand Master
10th Degree Black Belt
President World Martial Arts College
Vice President Michigan Tae Kwon Do Association
International Master Instructor
World Certified Referee
Over 50 years in Martial Arts
Black Belt holder in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Judo
Western Long Boxing: Tao of Ten Gated Changes by Professor Gurjot K Singh

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Pastor Everett Henes of Hillsdale, Michigan Promoted to 1st Dan

By Luciano Mazzeo • November 7, 2017

Pastor Everett Henes of Hillsdale,Michigan successful completed test requirements for both US Tae Kwon Do Han Moo Kwan and Kukiwon 1st Dan. He is instructing to the community of Hillsdale in his ministry at the church.The World Martial Arts College congratulates him and wishes him every success for his work in teaching Tae kwon Do and the church.

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