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US Hapkido Han Moo Kwan Association
Master <br />Crystal Ahmed

Crystal Ahmed


President Dr. Ibraham Ahmed
Grand Master
10th Degree Black Belt
President World Martial Arts College
Vice President Michigan Tae Kwon Do Association
International Master Instructor
World Certified Referee
Over 50 years in Martial Arts
Black Belt holder in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Judo


The World Martial Arts College was established to create a certification body to document life experience, training, seminars, tournaments, demonstrations and to transfer those experiences into documented certified rank credentials.

G.M. Ibraham Ahmed N.D., R.N. P.Ac.,A.D.S., the President and Chairman of the WMAC, is one of the highest ranked black belts in the world of Tae Kwon Do. His credentials and reputation are world renowned. He is a 10th degree black belt by World Martial Arts College, certified 9th Dan Black Belt by the Korea Tae Kwon Do Han Moo Kwan Association and 7th Dan Black Belt by World Tae Kwon Do Federation.

He placed in the Korea National Championships between the years of 1968 and 1970. He was also a U.S. Army Military Police and instructor in Korea and trained with such notables as Grand Master Kim Young Soo, Sang Sop Kil, and the Great Grand Master Kyo Yoon Lee of Han Moo Kwan.

He has promoted more than 2000 black belts in his career, and has taught and certified thousands of school owners throughout the world. Grand Master Dr Ibraham Ahmed, who is now living in Michigan, brought Grand Master Kil who is the president of Michigan USA Tae Kwon Do to the U.S. Following his military service, Grand Master Dr Ibraham Ahmed invited him to the United States. Grand Master Dr Ibraham Ahmed has been Vice President of the Michigan USA Tae Kwon Do for over 10 years, Olympic and eligibility chairman.

In the United States he has trained thousands of students in his beloved art. He has also coached several students to the coveted title of U.S. National Champion. It is because of Grand Master Dr Ibraham Ahmed’s desire to assist other martial artists around the world in 1977 the World Martial Arts College was formed. Grand Master Dr Ibraham Ahmed is one of the highest ranked black belts in the world, 10th Degree Black Belt Founder of the World Martial Arts College.

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by J.T. Bingham – Black Belt Magazine.


If a person enters this world, grows up, trains at a single dojo under a single master and eventually retires in the same city, chances are he or she won’t need the services Dr. Ibraham Ahmed provides. However, the rest of us – who have been known to move to different towns, to switch arts, to outlive our instructor – are a different story.

Way back in the 1970s, Ahmed recognized the frequency with which life’s variables wreak havoc on a martial artist’s career. He dreamed of establishing an institution that could document and evaluate a person’s dojo training, home workouts, seminar attendance, independent learning from books and DVDs, participation in tournaments and demonstrations, and just about every other conceivable form of skill and knowledge development. The institution would then catalog the experiences its staff deemed relevant and issue suitable rank. In 1977 that dream became reality when he created the World Martial Arts College.

Ahmed, a naturopath and acupuncturist by trade, holds a ninth-degree black belt in the Korea Tae Kwon Do Han Moo Kwan and a seventh degree in the World Taekwondo Federation, so he certainly didn’t create the college to benefit himself – he obviously didn’t need outsiders to acknowledge his credentials. He did it for the benefit of those martial artists who weren’t so fortunate, those who were in need of legitimate rank commensurate with their accomplishments.

“I wanted to help those highly skilled martial artists who were orphaned because either their instructor left the area and there were no other schools available or in some cases because he had passed and left no one to carry on from that point,” Ahmed said.

“These students continued to practice, participated in distance learning, went to seminars, read books, followed the videos online, and became proficient through attendance at tournaments and by teaching others. Many trained under multiple instructors and had no way to pull their rankings together. This is why I founded the World Martial Arts College, an organization that certifies life-experience rank from all styles of martial arts.”

“The WMAC concept has proved so popular in the world martial arts community that it now boasts black belts in every state in the union, as well as 20 foreign countries. Its success stems from the fact that it uses a board of directors to oversee rank evaluation and certification,” Ahmed said.

In recent years, he’s expanded the services the college provides to the martial arts community. It now organizes seminars that enable masters to continue to develop their skill base and offers consulting services to martial arts schools around the world. A recent initiative – one Ahmed is particularly proud of – involved the launch of the Stars for Charity Expo (, where Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, Michael Jai White, T.J. Storm, Cary Tagawa and others donated their time for the benefit of Americans in need of health care.

Helping others – whether it’s martial artists without a master or members of the public who can’t afford to see a doctor – is a recurring theme in the life of Dr. Ibraham Ahmed, and it’s the mission of the World Martial Arts College. For more information visit or call (313) 815-8767.