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US Hapkido Han Moo Kwan Association
Master <br />Crystal Ahmed

Crystal Ahmed


President Dr. Ibraham Ahmed
Grand Master
10th Degree Black Belt
President World Martial Arts College
Vice President Michigan Tae Kwon Do Association
International Master Instructor
World Certified Referee
Over 50 years in Martial Arts
Black Belt holder in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Judo

WMAC Endorsed Book List

The books listed below have been personally recommended by Grand Master Dr. Ibraham Ahmed. These books are excellent reference material and can help guide you in your martial arts training and will be a useful addition to your library. Click on the book image for more information and ordering instructions.

The Art of Western Tai Chi Ch’uan

“This book is a experience for all to read. It brings you past just traditional thinking, opens your mind and lets you explore paths of both eastern and western culture and influence on the arts. I strongly recommend all persons interested in Martial Arts read this and add it to their knowledge base.”

Written by Master Gurjot K. Singh, M Ed. a member of the World Martial Arts College and American Tai Chi Association.

A Guide to Tae Kwon Do

This hard to find book was written by the Great Grand Master Kyo Yoon Lee-President of Korea Tae Kwon Do Han Moo Kwan Association.

Great Grand Master Kyo Yoon Lee is the originator of Han Moo Kwan which was founded in August of 1954 and is one of the eight (8) original kwans of Korea. This book details Tae Kwon Do Moves, Stances, Forms, and Terminology with a focus on the Han Moo Kwan style.$25


Western Long Boxing

51rubrwxm0l-_sx384_bo1204203200_This is the expansion of the “martial energetic” principles of the author’s first book: Art of Western Tai Chi Chuan. That book emphasized the combat sport training that produced over 30 Pro/Am (IKF, USAABA, NAGA, EFC MMA Promotions, Carolina MMA Fight Promotions, Gameness MMA Promotions) Combat Sports Champions and Contenders. But this book is for the seasoned Martial Artist wanting to continue to improve mental, physical and emotional performance. It is also for the injured Combat Sport competitor, enthusiast or person with PTSD issues. It delves deeply into the martial energetics of restorative meditation and armed/unarmed combatives. Improvement in these areas can be done well into their 50’s, 60’s and beyond. The specifics of this book presents internal and external processes that (measurably and demonstrably) allow the adept to achieve greater longevity and vitality through martial energetics. Martial energetics is the warriors method of improving modal behavior through the martial application stilling and moving meditation. This is how to have longevity and vitality beyond your peer group as you approach your 50’s, 60’s and beyond. As such it raises questions for the combat sports enthusiast who wishes to improve cognitive, kinetic and affect behavior: How can a man near 60 years old have the strength, stamina, speed and suppleness to spar in the ring, on the mat and in the cage with skilled opponents 20 and 30 years younger? How can he overcome kidney failure, high blood-pressure and never get a cold or the flu? How can his martial energetic skill get effective enough to actually recover from 9 three min rounds of striking and 8 five min rounds of grappling several times a week… coming back stronger… never taking more than 72 hours to recover from combat sports injures? Read this book and find out.